Sunday, January 11, 2015

Reviews 1/11/15

Goat Semen Guy

Child Bite "Strange Waste" (Housecore) 8/10

This band has great song titles. But I think "Garbage Odyssey" is my favorite. This is the sort of band that you really won't like unless you are at least a little fucked in the head. The songs are mostly driven by the singer's fucked up stories and lyrics.

Musically I'm not sure how to describe it. I guess it's basically early 80s punk with a slightly modern heaviness to it. It reminds me of the first Gwar album, which I love. It's got the same funny ass energy. Singer even sounds like Oderus at times. Jello Biafra at others. This would be a great live band.

The music seems to lend itself very well to visuals. But again, it's got a more street level punk feeling. Very Dead Kennedys at times. Just very hectic storytelling epics. Crazy demented circus guitar lines thrown all over the place. Very acid friendly music, this is.

Dreadlords "Death Angel" (Not Just Religious Music) 7/10

This initially sounds like the Doors if they tried to play doom metal. But in the 60s, there were no big fat riff layers, it was more about the "fuzzy guitars." So that's what we have here. Really fuzzy,thin guitars, but which sounds like it's coming out of an old radio. Drums are almost comically simple and cheap sounding.

The songs vary quite a bit dynamically- but always retain that extremely lo fi sound which recalls the Cramps as much as it recalls Danzig or even George Thorogood. Satanic Thorogood? I guess you could say it's like America's answer to Ghost. I dunno exactly how to rate this because I find myself tripping on the sound so much. I guess the songs are pretty good, but it will take many more listens and time to see if this is real or some sort of Rob Zombie experiment.

Goat Semen "Ego Svm Satana" (Hells Headbangers)

I've known about Goat Semen for many years just like most people who know about them because of their rediculous name. Not sure how many times I've checked em out, but they are certainly living up to my expectations here.

Being from Peru, it's hard not to first compare them to Brazil's Mystifier. Especially given the crazy, brutality that rips out of the speakers like 100 drunken serial killers who just got thrown into a mosh pit. SOme crazy vocals, some crazy laughter, blasting away at mayhemic tempos..

I would call this Death metal, but it has that primitive South American energy that only they possess. At times sounding a little more 80s thrash. But mostly just sickness. And I mean that in the old way, where "sick" was a high compliment with regard to Death Metal. This is sencerely sick.

Necrofilth "Filling my blood with Poison" (Hell's Headbangers) 8/10

I feel like I'm giving lots of "8s" this time around, but there is a point where a recording is really good, just not "over the top" good. And this recording is in that area. It's got a very nice garage kind of sound. I mean, rehearsal room. There is actually an art to this, as the one "Bedemon" album demonstrated.

Anyway, this has that Hellhammer sort of feel with the music. Almost crusty punk at times. Vocals are ery punk/thrash. The dude is just basically talking and yelling very hard. So you can hear what he says. Right now he's saying "You're rotting!" over and over. So you get the idea.

This band seems pretty inspired so they are a nice diversion from Midnight who thankfully, are not the only band playing this raw type of punk/death/thrash/whateverthefuckyouwanna call it.

PORTAL / BLOOD OF KINGU Split 7" (Hells Headbangers) 8/10

I guess the Portal song was recorded on 4-track in 1999. Why Portal dug it up for this, I'm not sure but it's not bad. It's basically a cheaply recorded demo song with non-stop drum machine blast beat. It's hard to make anything sound this good with such lo-fi production, which is a testament to Portal's ability to make crazy sounding shit with very little to work with so early on. Guitar riff is simply MAD on this. No way to describe it. But if you've heard Portal's windstorm of madness before, you can probably guess. I've seen Portal but I don't listen to much of this shit as it's not really my thing at the moment.

Blood of Kingu has a similar relentless blast to their tune, but there's much more of a detectable death metal influence. It's really good, gutteral death metal. I would check out more songs by them - some nice guitar layering and strange melodies happening.

Primordial "Where greater men have fallen" (Metal Blade) 8/10

This album begins on a very strong note. Well, it's more the overall power of melody, vocals, and riffage. All of which come together perfectly to bring fourth something that suits the song title very well. Impressive.

I saw this band once and the singer's presence was felt around the room, regardless if you liked the music, which at the time, I wasn't real familiar with. If this is the same singer (Alan Averill?) then I am more impressed by his studio performance. Very good combination of melody, screaming, and just very apocalypic energy this man emits.

Musically, things are mostly mid paced to slow. Guitars are not so much heavy as they are just very full sounding. Yet, there is space in the sound unlike most bands these days in the "extreme metal" genres who fill every space with walls off guitars. It is very cool to hear a band with some a real and unified sound. The guitar melodies are so very effective. Notes pop out at just the right time, evoking a somewhat early 90s black metal vibe at times. At others, kinda like Blut Aus Nord or what's that band... Winterfyleth? Anyhow, they got their own sound more than anything. Solo wise I suppose I could ask for more, but these songs are so well composed you don't miss them too much.

Things get a little faster at points and when it does, it sounds pretty much exactly how good black metal SHOULD sound today (yet rarely does). Because this does not ignore the past, yet it is not trying SOOOOOO hard to immitate the past. It's very natural. Sounding kind of like early Enslaved or the first Aeturnus promo ep.

Only criticism is that perhaps thigs tend to sound a little the same after a while, but the energy is very good here so I can handle quite a bit of it.