Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TRY BEFORE DIE!!! (Reviews 5.20.14)

I was gonna post a picture of Nunslaughter's new album here, but it's just not as good as this album cover. But then, how the FUKK are you ever gonna top that???

Brutal Blues "s/t" (Selfmade Gods Records)9/10

Wow! and What the FUCK? Ok so this is a Swedish grind band. But they really set out to sound different and I am very glad because I almost didn't even give this the time of day figuring it'd sound like the last 5,000 grind bands I've heard. Fuck, I was way wrong here!

So the drums blast the whole time, the structures are very frantic and power violence-ish at times. But the guitar tone is so awesomely cheap and vintage. They "grind" but in a soft, cheap way. Like a garage band playing grind. The vocals skitter across the top way in the distance, coming off like the grunts of a man passing by at light speed riding a UFO. It is very chaotic, and reminds me of Exit 13 at times. Kind of randomly insane - but never relents on the brutality. Very raw and stripped down. No "bong hit" samples or anything, just in your face and chaotic. I guess if you took Voivod's "War and Pain" and sped it up to grind speed, you'd be in the ballpark. Interesting chords, great time changes, this has brains.

Very cool to hear this new sound. Recommended!

Cutthroats 9 "Dissent"7/10

I remember this band from years ago in the Bay Area, but had not heard of them in years so I forgot what they sounded like. I was not a big fan of Unsane so naturally I wasn't rushing out to check out the singer's other band. But here it is, in all it's heavy sludging glory. The drums and bass are very solid and heavy and a pleasure to hear. But without better songs or something to stand out, it just fades away in the background after the last line of crank is snorted. Maybe I need me some of that to appreciate this. Pass it!

Eyehategod "s/t" (Housecore)8/10

I been a casual Eyehategod fan for 20 years or so. I say casual because while I love seeing them live, I rarely listen to them at home. But when it comes to the New Orleans POWER SLUDGE sound, you can't beat em.

Billy Anderson is back producing, and he would seem the perfect guy to capture the hectic hardcore and the painful bluesy doom passages. The sound has the same loud as hell riff racket you'd expect. It's very clear while being full and nasty. Drums have taken on a new level of clarity and brutality. I like hearing the drums. that's what does it for me.

Ghoul "Hang Ten EP" 7/10

It's been a few years since I heard Ghoul. But I do recall listening to "Splatterthrash" and "We Came for the Dead" quite a few times over the years and nothing ever really sticks out in my head. I just remember it being kinda chaotic and reminding me of SOD with the occasional horror sample or something. On the new album I'm noticing alot of influences I didn't before. Like melodic Death Metal, perhaps a little doom, and....surf? It has the same fun/Addams Family/dark carnival sorta feel, but musically it's more Metal overall I'd say. Mostly Thrash I guess. Splatterthrash?

I guess my problem with Ghoul is - although I dig pretty much everything they do from their image to their music, nothing ever quite kicks my ass. It's all just kinda clever and cool and at times pretty fuckin heavy. But for me, I wish one of the many cool elements would stand out a bit more. As it stands, it all just blends into each other and feels more like a Rob Zombie film short or something. But if yer a fan of interesting mosh music, or thrash in general you probably already heard these guys and I don't need to tell ya to check it out.

This band makes me think of Gwar too. Because Gwar is another band who I never was completely sold on. I think Oderus is a genius though, and funny as hell (RIP). But for me Gwar's songs never got better after "Scumdogs" so it was mainly for nostalgic purposes I woulda considered seein em live again. Funny enough, I think if Gwar had more the music of Ghoul, I'd have dug Gwar more! And I suppose if Ghoul had Oderus as a singer - well that'd be what they are missing as far as I could see. So basically, play this AND Gwar at the same time and you'll have the perfect band!

Incarnated "Try Before Die" (Selfmade God Records) 9/10

Try before die. I like that. Very positive message! Who says brutal death metal music doesn't have positive messages!

So fuck, this is some fucking buzzsaw brutality. I mean it sounds like a fucking buzz saw. Blasting away like a roller coaster to hell. Fucking singer sounds like some mad creature from the black lagoon. What in sam hill is THAT sound??? This is just extreme fuck you in the face hard death metal! And by that, I mean it's good!

Try before die my friends!

Graves at Sea/Sourvein (split) 8/10

So Graves at Sea has really gotten quite fast and soft. Just kidding. This is heavy and slow as a fucking tractor pushing 100 tons of horseshit up Lombard street on a rainy day. I like the singer's "troll being buried alive" screach. Quite original as far as I know. I mean, I'm sure he's got his secret cult influences, but I can't say I've heard too many voices like his. It's still that Nathan dude right? I think his buddy is in there too yellin near the middle range, but maybe it's the same dude using a different voice. I don't think it's GOS's goal to really have a bunch of songs that cover alot of territory. It's pretty much that wet, slippery street with a bulldozer pushing 100 tons of shit up it the whole time. So expect these two songs to clobber you in pretty much the same manner.

There is a mid almost hardcore sound I don't recall hearing before with these guys, but then I don't really follow them so maybe they been goin this direction for a while. Guitar tone is wonderfully crushing and sludgy.

Sourvein is a band I haven't heard in a few years, but they are a bit faster than G.A.S. And since they have a whole 3 songs on here, I'm gonna guess the songs are a little more standard structure wise than G.A.S. The mid paces sludge riff goes well with the vocals, which are ylled but controlled and bordering on melodic. I actually like this singer. He's a good yeller. That's not easy because most people who yell just sound kinda dumb or painfully average at best. This dude reminds me of Buzz Osborn.

The second song on here is almost psycadelic. Well, it is I guess. Psych-sludge. It's pretty fuckin cool sounding actually. I like Sourveign. I need to listen to more Sourveign. I am...hyp....no....tized...

Locusta "Dendromorphosis EP" 7/10

well, I kinda hate the vocals. I mean, he's not bad at growling. He just sounds like Chris Barnes too much and it would be nice to hear something more original sounding. Especially with such interesting music.

The music grinds to a point, but clearly these guitarists wanna show off a bit, which is cool. I guess these riffs are kinda like really fast thrash riffs. Kinda At the Gates at times, but more fucked. Less melodic and more hectic. Kinda like newer Carcass if it was a little faster and more fucked sounding. At points they remind me a Vector.

These guys are pretty good and I'd like to see em live. But I feel something is lacking in the vocal department and makes this feel incomplete to me. Musically, very impressive and somewhat original though. So if you like technical brutality without falling into the generic death grind abyss, check these guys out or at least keep yer eye on em.

Mournful Congregation "Concrescence of Sophia" (20 Buck Spin) 8/10

What, you don't know what CONCRESCENCE is? Well what kind of dummy are you? I use that word HOURLY! Guess I am just smarter than most people HAHA! And Sophia? Well, she is an ex of mine. Why the band wants to write about that procedure she had done in the middle ages is beyond me. Sheesh...anyhow...

Here's 2 long ass songs which are really heavy but relaxed. Each section unfolds like a dying flower - exposing new dead layers with each moment. I know, so poetic right? Seriously though, this is really good. And when it comes to Funeral Doom it doesn't get much better than this. The problem is, lots of bands are trying to make this sound, and so it makes it hard to hear this with open ears. But if you can, you'll enjoy it quite a bit. Of course, this music requires many listens to fully enjoy.

I've seen this band before and this is pretty much the same feeling I got seeing them live, only a little less powerful for obvious reasons. But basically, this is like a very dark, mournful sermon (surprise!). I don't want to take other bands apart to illustrate what sets this band apart from similar acts, but they just have a way of constructing songs, building progressions, and shifting dynamics that sounds very natural and orchestral. It's the sort of thing that is hard to pin down, but few bands can deliver convincingly. I'm convinced!

Would love to hear this band progress a little bit, but I'm certainly not complaining with this offering.

Nightfell "The ever living Mourn" (Southern Lord/Parasitic) 9/10

Wow I wasn't expecting something so old school Swedish Death Metal here. I mean at times I think I'm listening to Paradise Lost's first album. Perhaps a bit slower and doomier, but that is saying alot since "Lost Paradise" is pretty goddamned slow and heavy. Pffft! Well I have never felt so stumped on a review. I mean, it sounds like a fucking lost classic Swedish Death Doom album that just got recorded. ON TOP OF THAT, at times it sounds like Viking era Bathory. Some of the heavier "Blood on Ice" songs come to mind. I dare say this is an instant classic! I guess this is an all star group of sorts, but I really don't care all I know is my ears hear glory of death! Damn, you better pick this shit up, these fuckin guys know what the fuck their doing! Hard to believe they are American. Very Euro sound to my ears.

Nunslaughter "Angelic Dread" (Hells Headbanger) 8/10

Well, what can I say about Nunslaughter? They are the keepers of a dying breed of filthy old school death thrash bangers. Here we have a nice fat collection of filthy old school Slayer, Sodom, Death, Kreator, whatever other legendary band you wanna throw in the blender - it's here. Delivered mostly at MOSH speed, but a nice dose of blast beat is added where needed. More importantly, it's left off where not necessary! (staring at you tech math deth shite!) The onslaught never stops for the entire album. Instant classic!

There's also some old shit they recorded here as a bonus so it's a double CD/LP.