Monday, September 2, 2013

What the hell is up with Shaxul Records?

I'm glad you asked! Well, you didn't really, but here's what's up anyway...

As some of you may or may not know I relocated to Southern California since closing the store back in late 2011 for both personal and professional reasons. It's taken a long time for me to settle in but I'm glad to say that time is about here.

The Shaxul Records website is getting a long needed face-lift, which will usher in the new era of Shaxul Records. It's going to focus mainly on Shaxul Records releases and a few I have obtained from friends/trades. I've built up a humble, but killer selection of vinyls and cds, and will of course have those listed as well. I'm not going to be so focused on trying to make sure everyone has "Kill Em All" or any usual household name type bands. I mainly wanna focus on...well, the bands I've either been in or that I would have in my own collection. But as usual my ears are always open and feel free to inquire about trades or whatever. I'm a FAN first and foremost!

I wanna thank everyone and anyone who is a Facebook friend, people in bands who correspond with me, reads my blog, bullshits with me online about music, agrees with my politics ;) etc...seriously, Shaxul Records is important to me and I wanna keep the spirit of the store alive in any way. So I appreciate the support, whatever form it takes. I still am tryin to crack LA - I wanna have a metal DJ night, promote shows, play more music, etc...all in good time! Of course, if you have any help or suggestions I am all ears! I am still quite new to LA and so far it seems in dire need of the Shaxul influence!

Now I DO have some actual news to report thankfully...I plan on going into commercial embroidery may have noticed me dealing with patches here and there since the store closed. I've even done a few bands already. Crucifixion, Insanity, Cruella, Fog of War, and a few others. Without boring you with technical embroidery is a bit of a specialized process. And although I can churn some good looking shit out, it takes FAR too long to take on any sizable order. In other words, I really can't do much more than make a few cool looking patches for hobby on my current basic home machine. But I'm going to take a leap in the next few months and go professional with Shaxul Designs/Embroidery! Not exactly sure on the name yet, but just keep in mind that VERY soon I will be able to make embroidered patches and hats in a much faster/cost effective way. So whether you have an idea for a patch/hat or you are in a band and you are gonna need a mass of patches/hats anytime soon, OR you work for a company that may need embroidery on something - I would encourage you to stay tuned for my update. I've long wanted to advertise this, but haven't really had the capability to do anything significent on a competitive scale or rate. But in the coming months, I will have professional/commercial embroidery capability, and I want your shit to look KILLER!

That's it for now. Cheers!

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