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Obituary interview with Trevor Peres 9.26.12

Shaxul: So you are doing the first albums tonight right?

Trevor Peres: Yes, absolutely. It's the classic set. "Cause," "Slowly," and "End Complete.

Shaxul: So we're not gonna hear "Redneck Stomp" tonight?

TP: No you will not. Finally! [laughs]

Shaxul: Oh, do you guys typically play that one?

TP: Well...last couple years we been playin it. We were just in Europe doin it. Yeah we got asked to do a tour in Europe for November and December...and they asked us about doin a classic set. So we decided to do it on this [North American] tour to rehearse.

Shaxul: Anything you are gonna play that you've never done before?

TP: There's definitely some stuff we probably never have played. We can't remember [everything we have/haven't played] all of us were thinking about it... but there's definitely shit we haven't played in 18 or 20 years...maybe never. So it's kinda cool.

Shaxul: Have you been adverse to playing certain more obscure tunes from those first few albums?

TP: No, there's just certain stuff that we always gotta play. You know what I mean? So it was kinda cool to rehearse some songs that we haven't played in forever. I mean, I had to go back and pick out notes n shit. Cuz you know, you don't sit around playin your own shit. I don't even listen to it. Ya know? I haven't listened to some of that shit for yyyyyears! And it's fun. It's actually fun doin it [the classic set].

Shaxul: I saw an old video online of Obituary doing "Till Death" and noticed James Murphy was singing along to some parts.

TP: (laughs) Really? That's cool, yeah.

Shaxul: Do YOU sing along to those songs?

TP: Oh yeah!

Shaxul: But how do you do that? Is that possible? [I'm speaking about the fact that there are no official lyrics to the song, but not sure if Trevor gets my point -SHX]

TP: Some of it you can't...because the singing parts are similar to the parts your playing. So it's hard. You'll fuck up [laughs]. But yeah, you'll see me up there screamin with JT some of the time. In fact, I get hoarse from it.

Shaxul: You gonna do "Circle of the Tyrants?"

TP: tonight? No.

Shaxul: Ever? You ever do that one?

TP: I think we probably did back when we first released that album. We were doin "Dethroned Emperor" for a while. But for this tour we're just doin classic stuff that we wrote. I'd have to relearn "Circle" right now! [laughs]

Shaxul: Ever talk about doin any Death songs since dude [meaning Terry Butler] played on some of that?

TP: Well...[makes pondering noises] I love Death. But I mean, we never really talked about it. That would be cool as shit though. "Zombie Ritual" or something?

Shaxul: So you have a Barbeque Sauce. How did that come about?

TP: I love to cook. I have a smoker. I smoke my own meat and make my own rub. And one day I was like "I need to make my own sauce!" If you like to barbeque it's good to have your own sauce. So I spent about a year developing it. Trying different ideas and reading different recipes...had friends taste it. Finally one day my friend's like "dude that is SICK! That's the recipe!"

Shaxul: What is the signature T-Bone element?

TP: It's the center of the gamut. You know, the flavor palette of the barbeque sauces? Right in the middle. Cuz you got a lot of people who like the vinegar base, some people like it really sweet/hearty, some people like spicy shit... it's got a good flavor, it's got a good spice - it's not hot though. It's sweet but vinegary at the same time and it's tomatoey, so's the center of the gamut.

Shaxul: But what is your specific signature?

TP: [Pause and a sigh] I dunno. The love that I put into it man! When I make that shit, I'm into it. I got molasses in that shit [laughs] the good stuff! And I even put a little smoke flavor in it.

Shaxul: So you like a little red wine with your barbeque?

TP: I'm more of a beer guy, but I do like red wine. I will fuck up some Merlot. And there's a grape where my wife is from in Sardinia, it's a grape called Cannonau which is kick ass. It makes Merlot look clear [laughs]. It's so dark!

Shaxul: So you guys had a lot to drink last night I heard you mention earlier?

TP: Mmmm well I was drinkin Crown Royal. Crown on the rocks. I used to drink Jack Daniels but one day I woke up and I couldn't even smell it anymore. I wanted no part of it. So one day I picked up a bottle of Crown and I was like "wow!"

Shaxul: Any non drinkers in the band?

TP: Nah...we all have a little bit, but I don't before we play. I mean, I'll have a couple beers but I won't get all fucked up before we play because we gotta perform. I won't get all stupid and belligerent because we gotta hold down the train ya know? I mean, we had that in the band already. And we got rid of that.

Shaxul: You mean Frank right? No, just kidding! [laughs]

TP: No uh..Santola! [laughs]

Shaxul: So you do all the leads now right? You're THE guitarist right?

TP: I'm not doin shit! [laughs] No actually in Europe I was doin leads but on this tour I had to learn leads from like 18 years ago, so I'm just barely gettin comfortable with some of the songs to where I'm...I'm running stereo and using a punch in switch so it sounds like a 2nd guitar kicks in. It's a little a/b switch.

Shaxul: When I listen to the old Massacre demos and I hear Allen West's tone I instantly think of Obituary. Did he come up with that sound or did you guys sorta evolve together?

TP: It's Big Al man. We kinda were doin the same thing. I mean he was doin Massacre and we were doin our thing...we were both from the same school. We loved Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Priest, and that's why he got in our band. He left Massacre and we needed another guitar player so it was like a match made in heaven you know? I mean once I heard "Morbid Tales" I just threw everything away and started re-writing shit.

Shaxul: What do you think of "Cold Lake?"

TP: Pretty cold. [snickering around the bus] "Cherry Orchids?" JT even know what that is? [Laughs]

Shaxul: What is Obituary's "Cold Lake?"

TP: We don't have a "Cold Lake."

Shaxul: What about that song..."Bullitoberry?"

TP: Bullituary? Uhhhh I didn't want it on our album! [laughs] It's some buddy of ours. We let him come in the studio and rap over it. It's hilarious I think...'s not serious, so...I mean we all like rap. I got Ice Cube "The Predator." It's like one of the heaviest albums in the world you know?

Shaxul: Any hardcore bands influence your playing in Obituary in the beginning?

TP: Eh...Maybe D.R.I., Uniform Choice. It's definitely in there somewhere probably. I think even Slayer was probably influenced [by hardcore]. That's where some of the speed comes from. Maybe indirectly.

Shaxul: You ever play "Don't Care" or "World Demise?" Been dyin to hear those!

TP: [laughs] I don't think we ever played it [World Demise].

Shaxul: Do you think when bands like Biohazard, Pantera, and Machine Head got popular - that your sense of "groove" was influenced a little bit?

TP: Absolutely not. Those guys never influenced me ever to be honest. Friends with those people, but I was already stuck in a rut at that point writing wise. Maybe uh...Skinny Puppy influenced it I dunno! Because during "World Demise" I was tripping on a lot of industrial stuff. So maybe that had something to do with it. Hellhammer. That's where our doom comes from I think. Hellhammer/Frost I mean...that shit just oozes out of us I think. And Black Sabbath too. Like Terry said the other day, "it's a scary movie...on wax."

Shaxul: What's this one you are watching called?

TP: I have no idea. It's pretty depressing though, this movie. I seen a couple things I thought "I don't want my children to watch this EVER."

Shaxul: Would be the right mood to get ready for the show right?

TP: Oh yeah. That's a death Metal album right there. Exactly. Scary. I don't want my children ever to see that shit.

Shaxul: It seems like you have a lot of fun playing these days. Do you ever feel a sense of irony playing such "evil" music but having so much fun with it?

TP: Yeah probably. We're all a bunch of wise-guys...we can't go a day without crackin a joke. In fact, John will look at me and say something stupid onstage and it'll make me crack up and I'm like [laughs]. "Don't do that!" I'll have to turn around and look at Donald to stop laughin. We don't take it so fuckin serious anymore. We're havin fun. We like to create heavy music. I think people appreciate, you know people come up to me and say "looks like your havin a good time up there." When we write we're definitely trying to bring out something dark and it's hard to do now cuz we're like...old dudes who...aren't that serious anymore![laughs]

Shaxul: You ever heard this band Malignancy? Their stuff is just insane with the tempo changes and such...

TP: Nah, never heard em. I'm not much into the more technical stuff. I definitely think the simpler stuff has more feeling. Like Sabbath. It's so basic but so much emotion.

Shaxul: Do you think what you do today with Obituary is rebellious? Do you feel rebellious when you are doin this?

TP: Well...not as much as I did 20 years ago. Death Metal has become so popular in the world of music. I mean even grandmas know what Death Metal is now. Or a least they've heard of it. So it's almost kind of a joke - it's not rebellious anymore. I got kids you know...I mean don't get me wrong, I'm a rebel! Yer lucky I wasn't president when 9/11 happened let's put it to ya that way! [laughs] I'm probably crazier now than I ever been to be honest. Fuckin, light the wick from both ends! I definitely black out more now! [laughs] No I mean...I try to walk a straight line most of the time. Having kids makes you different. So I gotta be around for them. I don't wanna go to jail [or anything like that]. I used to be more politically involved years ago and finally one day I just realized I ain't gonna change the world or I don't give a fuck. I can't even watch the news because I get pissed off. Sometimes I wonder why I had kids cuz I gotta let them live in this fuckin world. But you know, it's part of life I guess...I mean I think we thought of that years ago like when World Demise came out, and then one day I realized it's just a waste of my fuckin energy. It really is I're not gonna change the world. Life's too short to stress live that way. I enjoy my kids. I go to the beach, go fishin as much as I can and just enjoy bein alive while I'm here. All you can do is stress yourself out, have a heart attack, and die, and have grey hair. And I don't wanna live that way.

Shaxul: You gonna vote Romney or Obama?

TP: I'm more Republican. On my voter card it says "independent" but I vote for Republican every time seems like.

Shaxul: Is there something Romney said or did that made you wanna go that way?

TP: To be honest I haven't paid attention to much of what he said at all. I just know I don't want Obama. He's just a waste. He hasn't done anything. He's like "I got a plan!" well, what have you been doin for the past 4 years? [laughs] We gotta keep you in twice to do something? That's not fair.

Shaxul: You ever think the whole system is the problem?

TP: Oh, the system IS the problem. I mean politicians are a problem. Anybody who wants to be that has a problem. Power, control...[sighs] I can't imagine being a politician.

Shaxul: Do you think some musicians are too outspoken about their political views?

TP: I think some musicians put too much politics in their music. Definitely. Like I said, "life's too short to live that way." If you know who you are and know what you think, you shouldn't care what other people think. If you think a cerain way, that's your shit. I mean people all the time are like "did you vote for Bush?" And I'm like "yes I did. Both times!" Because the other guys were idiots! I mean who's the biggest idiot? You pick the lesser of the idiots. That's what it ends up bein at the end of the day. Cuz they're all kinda retards [laughs]

Shaxul: So is it true you are on Century Media now?

TP: Not officially but I think we're gonna sign a contract with em.

Shaxul: You guys gonna sneak in any new songs on this tour?

TP: No, we haven't even played the new stuff as a band yet.

Shaxul: Has anyone ever gotten a redneck stomp?

TP: People get redneck stomps all the time!

Shaxul: Who needs a redneck stomp?

TP: [laughs] Half the fuckin world!

[someone in the background]: Oprah Winfrey! Obama! [laughter] Oprahmah!

TP: The Yankees! There ya go! [Laugher]

Shaxul: What do you think of geoff tate and/or Queensryche?

TP: I like Queensryche. geoff tate is an incredible singer. Absolutely. I guess their music annoys people I found out last night. [laughs]

Shaxul: There's 2 Queensryches now.

TP: There is? I didn't know that. Wow. that's trippy.

Shaxul: I guess since you guys actually have something cool to do you don't pay attention to silly shit like that!

TP: Life's too short man. Don't worry about shit like that.

Shaxul: Do you think because there is so much Death Metal today that maybe you are not appreciated as much as when it was smaller?

P: I dunno. I still think it is the most extreme form of music on the planet and probably always will be. I mean it can't get any heavier. I don't know what you can do to make it heavier. I remember when I was like 20 and I'd be in the grocery store and everyone would look a me crazy because I had long hair. That doesn't happen as much anymore. There's a whole lot of us out there now so...

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