Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reviews 2/15/12

Inferion "The Desolate" (self released)
Blasting drums are blasting my face like a typwriter being used by a speedfreak at 4AM. I always wanted to learn how to type, but instead I use this silly
3 - 4 finger teqnique. Sometime I get fancy and use my pinky for the shift button. This singer sounds like he went to brutal black Metal vocal school.
But he went to guteral death metal vocal school in Sweden before that. He has these 2 abilities at his disposal, and uses them quite confidently. The drummer
has this one symbol - I dunno if it's a china or what, but he sure likes it because every time he hits it, is sounds like I turned the shower on and shut it
off real quick. Maybe he takes lots of showers and likes to remind himself of the shower as he plays. The overall vibe here is quite blackish and european
in flavor. Which is great. Is it a selling point? I dunno. It's good I guess. Sure, why not. This is good! It sounds Euro and mostly Black! Can't do
without it! Then again, it's kinda like those infomercials on TV. By the end, you wanna buy all of the cool items. The food saver, the magic bullet, the
collapsable hangers....but at the end of the day - if you bought all that stuff you'd be broke and you'd have a bunch of shit all over your house and probably
would never get around to using em. In this case, it'd be like buying another Food Saver, even though you already own 15. Sure, it's great to have a food
saver, a back up, and a back up for that. But how many back ups you need depends on how rough you are on your food Saver. I wouldn't want to make that call
for you.

Macabra "Blood Nurtured Nature"
Very brutal and primitive sound. The singer is that guy in the fridge who says "Zuuuuuuul!" in the movie ghosbusters. He is quite scary indeed and I would not
want to be blasted by a direct blow of his gutteral growlings. He does have moments of sensitivity though. But it is limited to somber ramblings and whispers
in the dark. He is quite moody, within his dark world. I think he watches too much Deathklock. That show, funny as it intends to be, is actually quite disturbing
if you watch it too much. Especially when people get all tore up and their faces get all incinerated for whatever fucked up reason. I really can't take too
much of that show. Although the episode about the Blues is a classic. Anyhow - this band is very heavy in that artistic Bolththrowery crusty friendly sorta
way. I mean, it's fuckin brutal and cult and all that. But these "crusty approved" Death Metal bands are getting on my nerves. It's like they are afraid
of playing too many solos because it will scare the crusties away. It's ok guys, really. You are really scaring away the laer Carcass and Cannibal Corpse fans
with this lack of solos thing. Don't tell me can't solo. Bullshit! I don't buy it. Solo you asshole! Overall, heavy and somewhat epic. But just a little too
crusty to its' own detriment. Remember when Metal was lived and died by the hand of Metalheads? Now it seems the crusties decide. Don't get me wrong, I like the
crusties. But they shoulda kept wearing Amoebix and Venom shirts. When hey starting wearing Boltthrower and (old) Carcass, and then Burzum shirs - well that
was cue, but somewhat of an eyebrow raiser. Now they are flat out taking Metal and claiming it, in heir sneaky crusty way. Never trust a crusty!

Profetus "To open the passages in Dusk" (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions/Rusy Crowbar/Contagion Releasing)
Wow, with a tri label realese like this, I suppose it is quite imporant! Judging from the extremely slow and serious music here, I can say the band themselves
are quite serious. This is Funeral Doom, and I almost never like it because it's too fucking slow. This is part 1 of a 10 part review. This concludes part
1. Check back often for new installments of this review. Or check back in 48 hours when the album is done playing, and the full review shall be available.

Rahu "The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows" (Ahdistuksen Aihio)
Very solid somber, primitive, old school Black Metal. This has that special feeling only cerain bands can get. Reminds me a bit of the first Bethlehem album
"Dark Metal" mixed with early Scandanavian classics. This is what i would call "the real thing" and it is becoming rare these days.

On Top "Top Heavy" (Hpgd Productions)
Big boob chick on the cover. Har har, I get it. "Top Heavy." Wha is this a "Steel Panther" knock off? great, a knock off of a knock off.
A look at the cover and the song titles tells me these guys are harkening back to the 80s glam
era. Musically, it's pretty heavy and solos abound. Vocals suck. Sounds like the guy from "Rage Against the Machine" if he tried to sing glam. Yeah, that's
about right. What the hell is going on with Metal these days? This shit is so confusing. Some of the guitar work is very solid here, but the overall concept
just seems fake and forced. I don't like it. Singer sucks. Did I mention that? This is the sort of band that, at best, keeps the average from slipping into
sub par shit. I dub them "keepers of the average."

Sigh "In Somniphobia" (Candlelight)
Extremely melodic, musically rich, and classically influenced Heavy Metal with Black/Thrash leanings. Typically wierd and random Sigh moments, which is what
has always made them stand out. Retro keyboards and random 70s/Eastern stuff thrown in for effect. I suppose you could call this prog Metal, in the best sense
of the phrase. For me, this is what Opeth is not. Make what you will of that statement! If I recall, this
band has always been progressive. I don't recall liking it as much. They have really honed it to a very tight and catchy art form all their own. Overall
it's a bit too "Raiders of the Lost Ark" for me at the moment. Not sure what that means - perhaps too cinematic and showboaty? I feel like I'm waching some
fucked up Broadway Casino show in China when I listen to this. Anyhow - can't say anyhing bad about this. It comes down to the mood and whether you like it
or not.

Strikemaster "Vicious Nightmare" (
I've heard of this band. I guess the are Mexican. I think they are singing in Spanish or perhaps English with a heavy accent. I don't know if they are from
Mexico. Anyhow, this is very solid thrash with a dirty sound to it. Reminds me of the "evil thrash" tha proliferates in Southern California. I like this stuff,
but it just conjures images of a room full of kids all wearing Exumer and Sodom backpatches. This shit was great before everyone sared doing it. Perhaps we
are spoiled here in California - but we just have so much of this crap it's like cream cheese now. Anyways, if you aren't old like me and you haven't heard
enough "evil" Death thrash and are not yet sick of it, check this out. It's very good - just nothing new at all. If they are on some 30 band Thrash bill with
Witchaven, Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Warbringer - be sure and check em out. I'm not hearing any guitar solos. Please heckle them about this if you
happen to see them live. Thanks.

Venus Star "Setyphorus" (Ahdistuksen Aihio)
Crushingly heavy, primitive, somber, funeral doom. Cliche? yes. Well done? Yes. Better than average? I would say yes. Fucking amazing? Probably not.