Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rare used consignment vinyl

These are available until New Years Eve 2011, then they go back to the owner. Email me if you are interested in any. I can ship just about anywhere.

12" LPs:
Acrophet - Faded glory (mint vinyl, cut corner sleeve) $15 x
Accused - grinning like an Undertaker (mint) $25 x
Agony Column - gods guns and guts (near mint vinyl, cover has cut corner and some wear) $25 x
Abattoir - The Only Safe Place (near mint) $20 x
Agnostic Front - Liberty & Justice For (near mint) $30 x
Corrosion of Conformity - Animosity (80s pressing vg) $30 x
Children of Bodom - Tokyo Warhearts, Live in Japan 1999 (nm, mint green vinyl) $20 x
Crumbsuckers - Life of Dreams (vg, English Press, ROugh Justice) $30 x
Demon - The Plague (picture disc) $25 x
DBC - Universe (vg) $15 x
D.R.I. - Crossover (80s pressing. vg) $20 x
Impaler - If We Had Brains... We'd Be Dangerous (nm) $20 x
Let Them Eat Jellybeans (Alternative Tentacles Comp, vg) $40 x
Lethal gospel - Martian Whores (nm) $10 x
Lethal gospel - Equals Jihad (nm) $10 x
Mace "Process of Elimination" $15 (Restless 72074-1 good Condition. Cut corner) x
Meliah Rage "Kill to Survive" $10 x
Metallica "Creeping Death" PLP (NM - 1984 English Pressing P12KUT112) $50 x
Recipients of Death $25 (Wild Rags - good) x
Rigor Mortis "Demons" (Vg/NM 1988 Capital Records) $20 x
Savage Steel "Begins with a Nightmare" $30 (Near Mint. Opened with Shrink - New Renaissance) x
Sgm "Aggression" $8 (Fair sleeve, Vg Disc) x
Slayer "Diabolus in Musica" $30 (Cut on upper right. Wrinkle on lower left corner. Inner Sleeve/Discs Vg) x
Stars of Thrash (Roadrunner Comp FLosam, DRI, Pestilence, Slayer, SOD, Sacred Reich...Vg/NM) $20 x
Total Virulence - $25 (French Thrash Comp) x
Venom "American Assault" (1985 Combat/Imporant - Vg/NM) $20 x
Venom "At War with Satan" (Picture Disc 1984 Neat Records NM) $30 x
Venom (Interview Picture Disc TT112B England ltd 2500) $20 x
Zoetrope "A Life of Crime" (1987 Combat/Relativity) $20 x


Dawn of Azazel - Bloodforged Abdication (black metal, mint) $10 x
Pure Cultivation/D.S.B. split (hardcore, mint) $10 x
Thunderchimp - selftitled (mint vinyl, slight ringware on back cover) $15 x

Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 2011 Reviews...

Immolith "Stormdragon" (
Straight forward Black Metal in the early 90s Nordic Tradition (this band is American I guess). Vocals are very screachy and have tha nice "echoe across
the alps" sorta sound tha I like. The guiars are nice and raw but with jus a little beef on the bottom to remind you that it is not 1993, but 2011.
The riffs evoke a very cold/brutal feeling much like a thousand bands have already done about as good or better. But the riffs here are better than most
bands who try to recreate this sound. Drums remind me quite a bit of Mayhem's "De Mysteriis" album. I just have to ask again, why do we need another old
school Black Metal band? Still, this is well done for this oversaturated style. On tour soon with Abigail Williams or goatwhore soon probably(just a guess).

Vore "gravehammer" (self released)
The first thing I thought when I saw this CD is that the logo looks like the logo for the band Vile. Funny enough, I see Colin Davis (of Vile) recorded it!
(Colin, ya might wanna shift that logo around a bit?) Pretty cool cover - looks like Anyhow, unsurprisingly, this is brutal Death Metal. It's very solid and all that - just very standard
brutal Death Metal circa mid/lae 90s. There's some solid riffs in here and I admit I am kind of a sucker for straight up Death Metal like this. But I can't
say it is spectacular in any way or anything new at all. Just very solid and rather standard. One thing I do kinda like about this is that it's a bit on the
slower groovier side. And I don't mean in the "nu metal" way, I mean in the Broken Hope/early Cannibal Corpse sorta of way. Very chunky.

Legion of Crows "Stab Me" (Funeral Rain)
The cover has some sillouette of an angel bleeding, presumably after having suffered a "stabbing." How poetic. The guitars on this sound like the effects
unit I used to use when I was 17 which I thought would give me that "pro metal tone." Not saying this sounds pro, I'm actually saying it sounds cheap.
Vocals sound like complete shit. Sounds like a four track recording I did when I was 18 and sang through a Metal distrotion pedal because I thought it
would sound super evil. I'm not saying it sounds evil, I'm saying it sound cheap. Riffs are heavy here, but the sound is so bad. Man, which ass was kissed
to put this cheapness out as if is some sort of important release? "Defecate" has kind of a cool intro, in an epic "teenager" on Ecstacy" sorta way. Man,
is this something I recorded on tape in the 90s that this band found and put their name on? Can't listen anymore. Freakin myself out here! I hear some
cool stuff here, but overall this is just too amateur sounding. Maybe it's trying to sound cult? Trying too hard if so.

Ritual "The Resurrection" (Funeral Rain)
This band's logo is cool. Kinda reminds me of Wichery's logo, but better. I especially like the upright cross. And I mean that. I guess this band has been
around for a while and this is their triumphant return? This things starts on a decidedly somber note musically. Unfortunately, the vocalist just came in
and took a big huge shit all ovet this. I hate this. Is this that Lindburg guy tha everyone thinks is so great? I never liked his vocals. Oh man, I can't
listen to this. I hate these vocals. NEXT!

Horrendous "The Chills" (Dark Descent)
I love it when bands have a name which basically sounds like a negative description of themselves. "Then Horrendous came on. Man, they were...HORRENDOUS!"
Ok anyhow, on to the (horrendous) music (budum POW!). This is actually pretty killer filthy Death Metal, not unlike the early 90s Swedish variety which
is a favorite of mine. Nice and scummy, steady, and brutal. Fuckin A, this shit is Horrendously killer! Somewhat somber atmosphere with just enough hardcore
feeling to keep things nice and nasty without conjuring sports jerseys. Fuck, this crushes! Here's what you do: for a month don't clean your room, barely
sleep, drink shitty beer constantly, and eat only fast food, then blast this really loud. It is only appropriate.

Degradation "Juggernaut" (Self Released)
Have I already reviewed this? Extremely generic Thrash Metal which was born yesterday. Yeah ok the playing is solid, production is as clean as a baby's
ass after a diaper change. Vocals are about as amazing as James Hetfield's flip flops when he is shopping with his wife at the mall. We already had a wave
of medocre over produced Thrash in the late 80s. So I guess this would be part of the 2nd wave of medocre Thrash. Woo hoo.

Black Skies "On the Wings of Time" (self released)
This album cover is hilarious. Shitty black and white shot of the sky with a few trees on the outer edge and a super tiny sillouette of a hawk. Wow,
great job guys. The music sounds like it was recorded in a rehearsal room. It's not bad, but cheap on purpose I think, which is always annoying. They do
have a strange sound that I must admit I kinda like in a way. Noisy, and a bit trippy I guess. This is definitely in the sludgier category, reminding me
of 90s grunge era heavy stuff. Fudge Tunnel was a band I liked, and this for sure sounds like Fudge Tunnel. Drugged out heavy garage stuff. By now you
aughta know if you wanna check this out or not. I rarely listen to this type of stuff anymore, but not bad and I would give it a second listen. But
I probably won't because I already have too many fucking things to listen to.

The Devil's Blood "The Thousandfold Epicentre" (Metal Blade)
I think I may have reviewed this already. Or maybe I am confused with some other trippy 60s psychadelic flashback Heavy Rock band. Anyhow, musically this
is not really amazing but has atmposphere for sure. Very droning. The vocals are what really stand out. This lady sings like a combination of the chicks in
Heart and maybe grace slick. Totally 60s. This is 60s rock with a modern touch, Period. I'm kinda into hippy stuff sometimes so if you are like me, don't
shave for a week, say "man" more times than necesarry in casual conversation, and what the hell - smoke some grass, man. Oh, and turn this on after you
have done all that. Dropping acid probably won't hurt either.

Lvcifyre "The Calling Depths" (Pulverised)
I don;t know what's up with the spelling of this band's name. I suppose they are very "cult" or something. Silly scary intro is one of the better ones
I've heard, but it's unfortunately short. This singer is pretty evil. More convincing than most I hear. He really sounds kinda scary. Reminds me of early
Ross Dolan of Immolation. Speaking of Immolation - these guys sound kinda like them. Which is a huge compliment. But they are not a clone - there's all kinds
of fucked rythms and discordant notes flying around like the hooks that tear that dude up in "Hellraiser." Unfortunately, the overall sound, although somewhat
atmospheric, is just too processed sounding. Especially the drums - which sound overly technical to the point of making the music LESS brutal. Slow down man,
what is the bloody hurry? I hear some middle era Morbid Angel here too, which is cool but not real uncommon in a Death Metal band. Solos are cool. This band
has some very cool stuff going on - the production just gives it a bit of a cookie cutter sound and works against the band to me. Vocals are great though.

Everything Went Black "Cycles of Light" (Lost SHepard/Prosthetic)
If this sucks I am not reviewing prosthetic titles anymore. But since this looks like a joint release, I'll give this a chance...Overproduced hardcore with
an arty farty, slight emo edge. That's it Prosthetic, we're done!