Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reviews 11/16

Black Cobra "Invernal" (Southern Lord)
I saw this band years ago and was impressed by the drummer - who is very intense live. I assume they are still a 2 piece, as this is what they sounded
like when I saw em. The songs are heavy and downtuned. Very chaotic sounding. Vocals are shouted. Overall, it's just a bit boring. I mean - the music
is hectic, but every song sounds the same and if you don't totally love the sound, it gets repetitive. Vocals very monotonous and really bring this down.
Production is what most people would call killer I suppose, but I don't know what it is, but it just sounds soft and warm, as opposed to harsh and brutal.
I'm sure the producer was great and the studio was top notch. CD art is great hand drawn stuff (my favorite). Everything about this says "you are supposed
to like this" but in actuality my brain is saying "sorry, this just doesn't cut it."

Chasma "Declarations of the grand Artificer" (Moribund)
Canadian band trying to be Wolves in the Throne Room or Aggaloch. Boring, lame, unoriginal, yadayadayada NEXT!

Killing Joke "Live at Hammersmith Apollo" (Four Worlds Media)
This band is very original and very cool. This recording does them a great justice and I wanna see them live more than ever now. I know they have some shite
material, becuase I have heard it! But this all sounds great from what I am hearing.

Infernal Legion "The Spear of Longinus" (Moribund)
Spear of Longinus. Why does that sound like they are talking about their ding dongs??? Anyways, this is quite brutal and fast, and hectic as fukk! Before
I even knew what was going on, about 50 riffs have already whipped past me like a hundred little fish hooks, tearing some skin with them! The problem is...
I'VE HEARD THIS ALL BEFORE!!! Production sounds like it was recorded at the same place Angel Corspe did their last recording. And I can only guess that place
is called COMPUTERIZED Pro Tools Recording Inc...This is a good combination of Morbid Angel or perhaps that band Nox, and some other possibly more obscure
Death Metal which has done it's best to become BLACKENED. But the production really spoils the atmosphere for me. There are moments for sure, but I think
they need to spend less money on recording and get shittier mics before this will sound proper. Also, there is too many notes. Just cut a few and it will
be perfect!

Piss n Blood "F.T.W. (Self Released)
Punk anyone? Is this Johnny Rotten on vocals? This is pure old school punk. Production is great on this. I'm not sure if that is ok or not. I mean, is
punk supposed to have great producion? I guess you could say it has something more like how a Hardcore band would be produced. Everything about this says
"we're gonna be the next big thing." It's almost TOO good. Too calculated. Sounds great though, have to admit. Very old school Punk Rock and Roll.
Worst thing I can say about this is WAY unoriginal.

Ptahil "For His Satanic Majesty's glory" (Wrath Productions)
great creepy satanic intro! This band seems very serious about their satanic ness. When I see the word "anti cosmic" I know they are serious, because that's
what the Dissection guy was all into before he killed himself in the name of satan! Unfortunately, these serious beliefs have not made this music sound any
more interesting to my satanic ears! This reminds me of a heavier Killing Joke or something. It's quite fukked actually, in its' extremely echoey way. There
is lots of echoe and all the sounds seem to bleed into each other. I guess it's supposed to sound like it was recorded in a satanic church (where satanic rituals
are no doubt being practiced). One thing I really hate is when a band sends a message that says "hey dude, this is cult and you are supposed to like
this!" That is the message I get from a song called "The Black Flag of Total Death." I mean, if you have to tell people what your influences are in a song
title, that's pretty lame. What is worse - I hear no Black Flag or Darkthrone in this. I hear some dude sceaming way in the back behind all these lame
lyrics and sound effects thinking he is way more cult than he is. In the end, this is SHITE which calls itself "Black/Doom/Punk" or some moronic sound
experiment like that. What is so ironic about bands like this is that they spend so much time trying to craft a sound which perfectly covers the "cult" genres
they seem to think are the TRUE ones, that they can't manage to record one solid awesome RIFF or song.

Satan's Host "Celebration: For the Love of Satan" (Moribund)
I guess this is some sort of re-recording of songs I am probably a poser for not knowing. Riffs are fukking killer! Singer sounds pretty original, as I cannot
deicide who he sounds like! He (Harry Conklin) has killer range and a nice raw edge. Riffs range from Thrashy klassick Slayer, to old school Candlemass doom. This is 100%
top grade Metal in the old school way. Killer drums. Killer everything. Buy immediately.

Thin Lizzy "Live in London 2011" (Four Worlds Media)
Sounds great. Even sounds like Phil Lynott on vocals! Problem is, it isn't! I don't see the point of this when we have plenty of better old recordings
to listen to. I guess this was made simply to promote the latest tour.