Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Music reviews 10/5

gravespawn "Woe to the conquered" (CDR Demo)
Black and white kinko's copied cover: check. Overly complex logo that resembles both a crustacian and a flower with at least one pentagram and one
upside down cross? Check. Cover art taken from some old history book depicting devils destroying churches and priests? Check. Thin, cold production with
lots of high end? Check. Screaching vocals with "cave echo" on em? Check. Transylvanian Hunger guitar tone? Check. Very good music, just extremely generic and
unoriginal. Add it to the pile if it hasn't reached the ceiling yet.

Hull "Beyond the Lightless Sky" (The End Records)
Interesting mixture. Noisy, aggressive, bluesy, discordant, melodic - any and all depending on what the band decides in a given moment.
Vocals are drifting about in the wall of sound, mostly yelling or growling. Reminds me a little of Hypocrisy production wise. I'm not sure
what to make of this band. At times it sounds like a fucked up mess, at others it sounds like they know what they are doing. Either way - it
gets boring and monotonous. But if you like noisy, bluesy, stonery tripped out music - you might like it.

Killbot "The Horror EP" (Self Released)
I think these guys are frm the Bay Area somewhere. This is pretty good alcohaul death thrash in the veign of Witchtrap and Desruction. Not very original,
but manages to conjure enough old school to satisfy those who cannot get enough of the shit. I worry this suff is becoming too trendy though. The formula is
almost too obvious. Hopefully they will evolve into their own style a some point, instead of just sounding like a clone band who is only doing what is

Necrocurse "Insane Curse of Morbidity" 7" EP (Pulverised Records)
These guitars are so Swedish they have Moose Antlers on them! Seriously though - Enombed, Dismember, and Carnage surely have shared their disgustusting
tone secres with Necrocurse, because the tone is uncanny. he rest? Well, vokills are more of a screach variety. Very solid old school Swedish Death
Metal with somewha modern production. By now you know if you need this or not.

Rwake "Rest" (Relapse)
"Arkansas backwoods doomsayers" according to the press release. I'd call it - pretentious overly self concious, artificially manufactured, fake ass crap.
If this is doom then Kiss must be Thrash and Saint Vitus must be power Metal. If I gotta hear another untalented, bearded, Tattooed dude yell his ass
off like he's in Neurosis, I'm gonna NOT be surprised. It's rare to hear new Metal from Arkansas. I still haven't.

Wormrot"Noise" (Scion A/V compilation)
Very noisy and grindy. If you are easily pleased by cliche grind/power violence - get it. his kind of music only works for me if it is really underground.
his overproduced grind kinda defeats he point for me. But what do I know? Hopefully more than a company tha makes cars.

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