Friday, August 26, 2011

Reviews 8/26/11

Arcane Malevolence "Wicked Turn of the Vine" (Self Released)
Some dude came into my store and gave me this. I knew I wouldn't like it, but thought I'd try. I'd categorize this as "Circus Death Metal."
If you like MR Bungle and Devin Townsend, check this out. I don't listen to that stuff and often can't stand it. KNock yourself out.

Chthonic "Takasago Army" (Spinefarm Records)
Taiwanese band that has been at it for years appearantly. How interesting! Hate to use the term, but this is the definition of "Blackened Death Metal."
Low vocals, high vocals, heavy riffs, good production. Oh yeah, and KEYBOARDS UP YOUR ASS! Ok, now it's getting kinda nu metal. Ok that's it this sucks!
I wanna like this because it's from Taiwan - but unfortunately this band has taken most of it's sound from ungood American/Scandanavian bands. A shame,
why wouldn;t they try to develope their own sound? The drummer has that wierd disease where his legs are stuck on TDTDTDTDTDTDTDTDTD which doesn't
help with dynamics much. Tisk tisk...

Einherjer "Norron" (Indie Recordings)
This band's first EP is one of my favorite folk/viking recordings. After that they went to shit. And the fact that their CDS have been rotting away in my
CD bin for a good 2 years now proves I am not the only one who feels this way! So I was not expecting much here. I thought this band broke up to be honest.
When this music was new, it had a very special quality to it. It was generally lo fi but with so much feeling it only sounded better. Now that time has
passed and this whole folk viking thing has become SO popular - all the bands have good production and sound kind of a repeat of their former sounds
minus the inspired feeling. This has moments. But they are more strange/Black Metal sort. Reminds me of Khold at times. Solid and strange Black Metal.
Nothing special. However I think live this would be killer. I find this overproduced and flat sounding. Kills the vibe, when it's there.

Extreme Noise Terror "Holocaust in my Head" (Candlelight)
Legendary blast beat English freaks from the UK. From what I hear, it's the same insane bruality in the veign of their late 80s maerial.
Fans of Napalm Death's first album need not bother with the latest Napalm album. Pick this one up instead.

Falloch "Where Distant Spirits Remain" (Candlelight)
I was hoping for some good Scottish folk Metal. Musically, this is pretty damned good. Epic and melencholy, like the great folk Black Metal of
the early/mid 90s. It's pretty predictable and not original at all, but if you like that sound this delivers. But wait, there is a big "BUTT" here.
And that BUTT is the singer. When he comes in, it's like the Coldplay guy just showed up and started gathering roses to hand out to all the poor
crying leprechans and ferries moping about. But if you like your singers real feminine sounding, then this may be a selling point
for you. For me it wasn't. It adds to the pretense and fake manufactured vibe of it all.

Forsaker (self released demo cdr)
Newer Oakland band. This is great straight forward 80s death/thrash. Recorded on 4 track for that authentic lo-fi sound. In my opinion, this sounds
great for a four track and I turned this up and played it loud several times through in one sitting! If you like old Hellhammer, old Dark Angel, and shit
like that - stripped down but brutal and old school, check this demo out. Although I am not sure how. I guess you'll have to contact me! I will get more

Scarred "Haunting Memories" (Self Released)
Some dude from San Luis Obisop gave this to me. I was expecting some Pantera clone of some sort because of the name and generic cover art/logo.
I was wrong. Shockingly, this is killer traditional Metal with some doom elements! Very good production, memorable songs/riffs, and a very capable singer,
nice guitar work. Singer sounds like Robert Lowe (Candlemass/Solitude Aeturnus). In fact this sounds like newer Candlemass. I'm shocked, this is great!
This recording is dated 2009, so I dunno what they sound like now. But you can check it out at

Totimoshi "Avenger" (At a Loss Recordings)
I remember this band from as far back as the late 90s, playin some heavy stonery stuff at this dive and that. I am sure my old band even played
with em. Anyhow, I never thought they were amazing - but the name always stuck in my head. Clearly they have been very devoted and stuck it,
because here they are getting bigger. Unfortunaely the music is still pretty average. Vocals are sorta "talked hard" and not that memorable.
Seems like they woulda gone for a heavier tone, but instead the tone is more "garage rock" than I remember from their live show way back when.
Sounds like they are tryin to go kinda soundgardeny at times (commercial soundgarden, that is). I dunno - this ain't my cup of tea. Seems like fans
of Flaming Lips and other weird noisy bands who wanna be the Beatles secretly would dig this.

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