Friday, August 12, 2011

FUCK EBAY SALE! (USED LPS: Recent Arrivals)

All of these are either 1st pressing, or a very early one. Most contain all original inserts. Any questions, let me know! Most prices are set -but there are some which are too obscure to be sure, so if you know something I don't by all means let me know!

New Arrivals:

Blood Feast "Face Fate" (Sealed NRR 35 lower right/front on jacket has wrinkle and small hole/notch) $20
Mercyful Fate "Don't Break the Oath" (Combat MX8011 Damaged Sleeve) $12
Metal Blade "The Best of...VOL 1" (Vg 2LP) $15
Metallica "Creeping Death" PLP (NM - 1984 English Pressing P12KUT112) $50
Onslaught "Power from Hell" (1987 Combat 88561-8173-1 Worn sleeve edges) $15
Napalm Death "Harmony Corrupion" (Picture Disc NM) $20
Nuclear Assault "game over" (1986 Combat/Relativity Vg/NM) $25
Pestilence "Consuming Impulse" (1989 RO94211 Vg) $45
Pestilence "Malleus Maleficarum" (1988 RC/Roadrunner RC9519 Vg)$35
Raging Death Vol I (1987 godly Records NM still in shrink, opened on one side - Xecutioner, Sadus, Berayel, ect VERY RARE COMP!) $60
Rigor Mortis "Demons" (Vg/NM 1988 Capital Records) $20
Rush "Hemispheres" (beat up, plays fine) $5
Rush "Hold Your Fire" (good condition 1987 Polygram) $5
Sepultura "Morbid Visions" (New Renaissance NRR43 - Vg/NM VERY CLEAN!) $50
Sodom "Obsessed by Cruelty" (1986 US pressing - upper right corner of outer jacket has some damage. Disc has some dings - plays fine.) $25
Slayer (Interview Picture Disc BAK2046 Engand) - $20
Slayer "Hell Awaits" (1985 Combat/Important good condition) $20
Slayer "Hell Awaits" (Picure Disc 1985 Combat/Imporant MXPD 8020 #3193) $45
Speed Metal (Sealed 1987 Metal Blade Comp Slayer, Destruction, Celtic Frost, Sodom...) $20
Stars of Thrash (Roadrunner Comp FLosam, DRI, Pestilence, Slayer, SOD, Sacred Reich...Vg/NM) $20
Venom "American Assault" (1985 Combat/Imporant - Vg/NM) $20
Venom "At War with Satan" (Picture Disc 1984 Neat Records NM) $30
Venom (Interview Picture Disc TT112B England) $20
Zoetrope "A Life of Crime" (1987 Combat/Relativity) $20

Still in stock:
Adolescents - selftitled (81 release, mint) $20
Accept - Balls to the Wall (near mint except some writing on jacket, plays fine) $5
Annihilator - Alice in Hell (near mint vinyl, ringwear on cover) $10
Acrophet - Faded glory (mint vinyl, cut corner sleeve) $15
Accused - grinning like an Undertaker (mint) $25
Agony Column - gods guns and guts (near mint vinyl, cover has cut corner and some wear) $25
Anialator - (selftitled ep picture disc - Wild Rags) $35
Abattoir - The Only Safe Place (near mint) $20
Agnostic Front - Liberty & Justice For (near mint) $30
Bitch - Be My Slave (mint vinyl, near mint cover) $30
Bewitched - Rise of the Antichrist (2nd Osmose Press, near mint) $20
Crypytc Slaughter - Stream of Consciousness (bad scratch on one song, besides that, nm) $10
Corrosion of Conformity - Eye for an Eye ('88 caroline press, vg cover, nm vinyl) $25
Corrosion of Conformity - Animosity (original press, vg) $30
CH3 - Channel 3 (decent condition) $15
Children of Bodom - Tokyo Warhearts, Live in Japan 1999 (nm, mint green vinyl) $20
Crumbsuckers - Life of Dreams (vg, English Press, ROugh Justice) $30
Demon - The Plague (picture disc) $25
DBC - Dead Brain Cells (nm) $15
DBC - Universe (vg) $15
D.R.I. - Dealing with it (vg Enigma 72069-1) $25
D.R.I. - Crossover (vg) $20
Exploited - Death Before Dishonour (nm) $25
Exciter - Violence and Force (vg) $15
Exodus - Pleasures of the Flesh (nm - Combat 88561-8169-1) $20
Exodus - Pleasures of the Flesh picture disc (sealed) $20
Exodus - Fabulous Disaster (sealed - Combat) $30
Hirax - Hate Fear and Power (nm original press) $15
Impaler - If We Had Brains... We'd Be Dangerous (nm) $20
Judas Priest - Sin After Sin (vg) $15
Laaz Rockit - Know Your Enemy (nm) $20
Let Them Eat Jellybeans (Alternative Tentacles Comp, vg) $40
Lethal gospel - Martian Whores (nm) $10
Lethal gospel - Equals Jihad (nm) $10
Mace "Process of Elimination" $15 (Restless 72074-1 good Condition. Cut corner)
Megadeth "Killing is my Business..." $25 (Combat/Important MX 8015 Vg)
Metallica "Let god sort em out" $20 (Live 1983 plus studio tracks and Megadeth's first demo. After hours Records)
Meliah Rage "Kill to Survive" $10
Metal Massacre V $30 (Hellhammer, Voivod, Overkill, etc...Vg)
Nazareth "No Mean City" $10 (Sleeve is Fair, Disc is Vg SP4741)
Nuclear Assault "The Plague" $15 (good)
Nuclear Assault "Survive" $25 (Vg - IRS Promo Stamp)
Recipients of Death $25 (Wild Rags - good)
Savatage "The DUngeons are Calling" $20 (Vg MX6016)
Savage Steel "Begins with a Nightmare" $30 (Near Mint. Opened with Shrink - New Renaissance)
Sgm "Aggression" $8 (Fair sleeve, Vg Disc)
Slayer "Diabolus in Musica" $30 (Cut on upper right. Wrinkle on lower left corner. Inner Sleeve/Discs Vg)
S.O.D. "Speak English or Die" $15 (Vg - Netherlands Pressing)
Total Virulence - $25 (French Thrash Comp)
Ugly Americans "Who's Been Sleeping in my Bed" $10 (good)
Venom "Singles 1980 - 1985" $30 (180 gram 2LP Earmark Mint Condition)
War Fare "Metal Anarchy" $20 (NM Produced by Lemmy)
War Fare "Pure Filth +7 Inch" $30 (Produced by Algy Ward of Tank.)
War Fare "Two Tribes" 12" Single $15 (Neat 45 - Vg)
War Fare "Mayhem Fucking Mayhem" $25 (NM. Produced by Cronos)


Lethal gospel - now its time to party (89, looks rare, good condition) $10
Dawn of Azazel - Bloodforged Abdication (black metal, mint) $10
Pure Cultivation/D.S.B. split (hardcore, mint) $10
Thunderchimp - selftitled (mint vinyl, slight ringware on back cover) $15
Sick of it All - selftitled (rare early ep) $10
Hirax - El Diablo Negro (First Press - picture disc) $10


Hirax - Barrage of Noise (sealed) $10
Hirax - Blasted in Bangkok (mint, 4 track ep, white vinyl) $10

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