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Reviews 6.15.11

Contamination "global Inversus"
I think these CDS came from germany. Killer Death/Thrash. Raw but well executed. Very competent musicians, killer riffs. Much better than
most California Thrash bands I hear these days, but then maybe I am just tired from hearing so much of that stuff? In any case, fucking A, this is just one
killer Thrash/Death riff after another! Think early Metallica and Slayer...mixed with a Canadian edge ala Infernal Majesty or early Voivod. I think I hear
some Morbid Saint as well. The point I'm making is, the pool of influence is very wide here and the result is a much fuller Thrash Metal experience than
what we get here in Califirnia, which is typically influenced by like 3 bands (Metallica, Testament, Possessed). I have these for sale! Professionally
duplicated and recorded 4 song ep $5 -

Necrovorous "Funeral for the Sane"
Brutality. Disgusting vocals of a man obviously possessed by JAck the Ripper. Filthy fukking Swedish Death Metal riffs from the
most urine stained fire hydrant in Stockholm (upon which Chris Reifert is currently releaving himself). No pussy fucking blast beats, this bulldozer of
corpses is too filled with guts and body parts to move any faster! And just for a bonus, we get a few sludged out filth marches from
the abyss! If 100% old school Death Metal brutality without any of the fancy shit is your thing, this band is your ticket to the next funeral
in town! Actually, forget everything I said, this is total Incantation worship! Pulverized Records

The Henchmen "World of Sleaze"
Obscure band from the early 90s. This band is very hard to describe. Lyrically and image-wise, there is a strong B-Horror/B-Porn movie vibe. You get
the sense that the band is having fun with it all, yet there is an odd method to the madness I can't describe. Musically, I can only call this "Stoner Metal."
Though when it came out, people probably just called it "Wierd shit." But after hearing garage doom like Bedemon, some Witchcraft, and even early Pentagram -
I cannot help but compare this band to those ones. Particularly the B-Horror Movie garage sound. Personally, I think this rules. Very obscure Bay Area
stuff. Morningstar Records. Not sure if these emails will still work, but:,

Foul Stench "The Beginning 1993-96"
This sits somewhere between Thrash and Death Metal. Very Autopsy/Deceased. Somewhat lo fi Horror/gore stuff from the Bay Area. SOmewhat grooving
in the Hardcore sense at times. If that is your thing and you want something a little more rare and Bay Area, seek this one out. Released by a Chinese
label I never heard of.

Dismantle "Satanic Force"
Young Thrash band from SOuthern California. Aggressive, old school, kinda funny, kinda shredding. These guys are going for the "Satanic" Possessed
sorta image. Pretty solid riffs, pretty aggressive, really generic. Singer has a good blood curdling pre-pubescent scream. When he's not doing that he's
most UNscary sounding.

The Living Fields "Running out of Midnight"
Boy, that's a mouthful isn't it? By the time you say the name of the band and the album title, you are already engulfed by epic doom riffs surrounded
by gay stringed instruments. I was just getting ready to buy into the whole thing, when some white noise stormed in, but not before breaking into some
little drum machine interlude. Man, what the hell - I have no idea where this is going, nor do I care! Let's try one more song. I'm willing to make
a clean start with this track, "Perseverance." Hmmm - some doomy riffs, then a jolly Irish sounding fiddle orchestra, which morphs into some noisy
Hypocrisy-ish wall of sound and keys all over the place. Man, there is some serious confusion as to which direction to go here. Whatever this stuff is,
it's not for me. Very confusing. Apologies to all the people that find this artistically amazing, because this reeks of "we are serious artists and
sculpters of sound" syndrome. Or maybe it's just WAY overproduced, I dunno. What did that dude in Amadeus say? "Too many notes?" I'll change that to,
"too much confusing shit going on which goes nowhere interesting." Candlelight Records.

Seven Witches "Call Upon the Wicked"
This is a band I've heard about for some time, but never checked out really. Actually I think I did once, and was not impressed. That would make
sense, because so far this first song is not impressive. Let me be more specific - tuned down modern generic "heavy" traditional Metal tone. Slight
nu-metally groove with generic shred solos that make me think of some cereal commercial from the 80s. Average singer with Rob Halford rip off scream.
Lame riffs. Let's try "Ragnarock." Hmmm...this sucks.
Sounds like an immitation of an average Halford track. I didn't realize that Halford's solo albums were so influential on Power metal bands! Singer
is pretty good, it;s just so obviouose he wants to be Halford. Again lame riffs, generic wanking solos, dorky ass bass flim flam wankery. There is talent
here, I won't lie. But it's just thrown together in a way that could have been done MUCH better in my opinion. Oh no this isn't...oh shit, yes it is.
A Cream cover? Hmmm, bad choice. "White Room" power groove Metal style? I don't think so. Nice power scream on the chorus. You may laugh when you hear it.
Frostbyte Records/eOne Entertainment.

Sourvein "Black Fangs"
Nice slow n heavy riffs, all tuned down n shit. Nice screaming n stuff. Fuck yeah. Let's go die or go kill somethin. I dunno what, but something's
gonna get destroyed before this song ends! Probably a few veins in my arm. This shit's heavier than 10 diapers filled with baby shit and the singer
sounds more tormented and drugged out than the Eyehategod dude having a bad acid trip on an empty stomach! Fuckin hell, my clothes are not dirty enough
to deserve being worn while this is playing. I'm gonna go roll around in fucking golden gate park for a while...Candlelight Records

Thy Rites "Thy Infernal Coronation"
Anti Christian Death Metal. Fairly raw, melodic and straightforward. Vocals are mostly a low death growl, but the music is very evil and somewhat old
school sounding in a Swedish sort of way. Also reminds me of a more melodic Sadistic Intent. Dissection comes to mind too. Very interesting mixture here,
not so typical.

Wolverine "Communication Lost"
The intro to this album sounds like David Bowie and Elton John taking off in a rocket to go hang out with Hal in outer space. Not a good start, though that
sounds like an interesting scenerio. Though I don't think they ever hung out actually. Anyways, I think this sound I am hearing is supposed to be me drifting
into outer space and losing communication or something. I got the point already I think, I am ready for some guitars but they just won't come in. Oh wait...
I hear them, here they come...wait for it...OUCH! What the fuck just hit my ear??? I think it's some horrible new wave techno keyboards with some lame
semi heavy riffs striding alongside. Now here comes Bowie and Elton John, but they have brought geoff Tate with them. Together, they sing to form 1 voice
which, unfortunately does not work. Though you'd think it would. I'd say "Communication" was definitley "lost" here... Candlelight Records

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