Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reviews (April 17th)

Midnight Chaser (s/t)
They're not British, they are actually from San Francisco. This wasn't recorded in the 80s, it was recorded last year.
Other than that, what you have here is a killer NWOBHM band! Mid tempo rockin' numbers. Some nice riffs, melodies, solos,
and killer vocals which sound like Zeeb of Witchfinder general and perhaps some other NWOBHM guy. About time San Francisco
churned out a band like this! I have LPs of this for sale, (which are limited to 200) on Heavy Artillery Records. There's
only 3 originals on here, the other 3 are covers (good'ns). Hard to tell how much gas these guys have, but time will tell.

Abandoned "Thrash You!"
Back in 2007 this german band recorded this. For some reason it took till yesterday to reach my store. They are on Locomotive,
which I believe San Jose's Imagika was on a few years back. This is an interesting mix of Bay Area Thrash, Melodic traditional
Iron Maiden sort of parts, and hints of Melodic Death Metal. The main thing holding this back is the plastic production and the
incredibly average singer. The riffs are pretty killer and playing is great. Some very cool melodic twin guitar work.
Bass drum sounds like it's made from tin foil. Overall, great music, just lose the singer and get a better producer.

Magica "Hereafter"
Imagine the band Europe with a few power Metal riffs thrown in and the chick from ABBA on vocals. Needless to say, I can't stand this shit.
Melodic Euro commercial symphonic pop Metal. But if the above description is ok with you, knock yourself out! On fact I just threw it in the
free box, so if you want it come get it!

Clawfinger "Life will Kill You"
Also on Locomotive. I guess a guy from Locomotive Records was here? Anyhow, this is awful. As soon as the white-boy rap vocals came in, I couldn't
eject it quickly enough. Now available in the Shaxul "free" bin.

Hell Fire (CDR Promo)
Very talented young traditional Metal band from the Bay Area. We need more bands like this and I am glad we have, like 2 now. These guys are very young
like I said, but they have the right influences. They just need to figure out who THEY are now and work on their songwriting. Almost every song sounds like
an Iron Maiden "middle section" or an Iron Maiden "outro section." There's not alot of "rocking riff" going on. Although you can't tell from
this badly replicated CDR, I've seen them live a couple times and their singer has probably the best vocal range I have ever heard from an SF Bay Area band.
I am talking old school geoff Tate. But he's not sure what to do with his gift. Hopefully he figures it out! A band to watch. Although I have a feeling
they are gonna change their name as soon as they find out there are already like 13 bands named "Hellfire" out there.

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