Friday, March 11, 2011

Relapse album reviews...

Here's some reviews of some Relapse promos I got recently...

Titan "Sweet Dreams" (Relapse)
This is total 70s prog worship, and it's actually much better than most I hear. It does have an interesting modern Metal influence as well, but not
in the lame way I hear most bands doing it. It's very musical and traditional sounding. This band really understands
the dark/raw edge needed for classic prog. One thing I can't stand about bands like Dream Theatre is the "shit don't stink" sparkly clean
production. There's just no edge or darkness to it. But this is closer to ELP, Rainbow, or early genesis in terms of the darkness and range
of emotions. Needless to say it's not really Metal, but the "rocking parts" are obviously more modern and a bit more Metal than something
from the 70s. If Transiberian Orchestra sounded like this, I'd probably actually go to their show. Prog fans - get this. I think it's all
instrumental by the way...from fuakin' Brooklyn mothafuaka!

Circle of Animals "Destroy the Light" (Relapse)
Sounds like Ministry mixed with Bauhaus. Simple, industrial, and riffy. But not as guitar Heavy as Ministry. I'm sure there are other "noise"
influence as well, but I don't listen to alot of that crap so I wouldn't know. I guess I'm hearing a litte Pink Floyd "The Wall" as well, but with
a bit more guitars. Not real amazing, but I think on acid this would probably sound brilliant. Too bad I stopped doing acid.

Black Anvil "Triumvirite" (Relapse)
Why is it when I hear the word "Triumvirite" I think of Trey Azagthoth? Are these guys part of his video game/motivational speaker Chthulhu Kult?
Anyways, this is basically Death Metal trying to be "Blackened" in sound. Or maybe they are Black Metal trying to be "Deathened?" I dunno, honestly
it just sounds like white noice to me. The singer screams but he sounds about as angry as me when the guy in front of me is driving to slowly. Well I
guess that is angry enough for say, Thrash metal. But for Blackened Death Metal I wanna feel like your grandma just got stomped out, and I just
ain't convinced. Also, the production sounds very cookie cutter and flat. Just lifeless. Ok, I hear some cool riffs/melodies here and there. But
it just sounds like not very much time went into this. "Ok, let's hurry up and whip out some brutality so we can lay it down and go on tour!" Anyways,
not bad really, just nothing special at all. There is a song called "We Own You" which I had to check out because that title cracks me up and makes me think
of some 80s Stallone flick or something. Anyways, the song actually sounds kinda like Dissection with a more annoying singer. This band would be much
better if they took more time to write their songs and got a better producer. NEXT!

Rotten Sound "Cursed" (Relapse)
Worship early 90s Swedish Death/grind much? This is the most Swedish thing to come out of Finnland since Yngwie Malmsteen took a dump in Helsinki...
I don't really like this album, but live this band destroys, I have seen them myself very recently! They just need to go to Sunlight and hang out
with that Skogsberg guy and that will fix the problem here. But I'm sure most fans of all that is old school grind brutality will like this just fine.

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