Thursday, March 10, 2011

Demo Reviews...

I come across demos all the time at shows and in the's some of the latest ones I got...

Neurotoxicity (untitled demo) I got this at Hazmat in Oakland at some show I went to a few weeks ago. I dub this "Sinister Metal." Very grindy, but in an old school Boltthrower sorta way. They sound like this live too, but more raw of course. Pretty vicious female up front if I remember. Nothing fancy, but gets the job done and then some. After a few drinks I usually can't resist shit like this. Recorded by Jesus Crust at Earhammer in Oakland, the holy shrine of all that is grindy and crusty in Oakland. Some of that hellsound has surely rubbed off and infected this CDR!

Wake the Machines "Demo 2010-11"
Well shit, this is pissed off isn't it??? Nice Lovecraft/Cthulhu references in the song titles. There is some weird arty punk/grind/stoner thing happening here. If they break into a lounge jam I will dub this "Exit 13" worship. Ok, no jazz, but Repo Man samples are even better! I guess this is power violence. No, it is. That is exactly what this is. Or perhaps, Exit 13 with killer movie samples instead of lounge/jazz breaks. Actually, a cheap 50s song sample just busted in, so they are THAT much more like Exit 13. But the aggressive parts aren't quite as aggressive. Still, the singer sounds at least as pissed off as someone who just got their 5th parking ticket in a row. Beats are very jerky. You'll need some cheap drugs to feel the rhythm of this.

Feral Deprevity (Self Titled Demo)
Like the band name suggests, these guys sing in Spanish. Wait, I guess that's not true. But with titles like "Menudo De Humano" and "The Beer Song" I guess we can at east assume that these guys drink beer and eat food. Or something. No seriously though, the singer has a good growl. guitars are rather thick and Death Metally. Not really sure what these guys are going for, this live "Beer Song" is really confusing me because it's in English and sounds nothing like the first song. In fact, it sounds like one of those new kid Thrash bands from the East Bay or somethin. What happened to growley guy? Ah, I see there are 2 singers. The 3rd song sounds like total grind power violence ala early napalm Death with a touch of Slayer or Terrorizer. Speaking of Slayer, the last song starts with a cheap haunted house version of the Reign in Blood intro. Man, I gotta hand it to these guys - I have no idea what the fuck is gonna happen in the next minute during the entire listeing of this CD! Sounds like Necromantia now! Oh wait, now there's some funky bass interlude. Jesus, I give up - this is fukked! I dub this the "Physical grafitti" of fucked up Death grind with one song in Spanish...

Epinefrin (CDR Demo)
I looked up this word and it doesn't appear to exist, but the word Epinephrine is some sorta Neuro Transmitter or something. Anyhow, nice Thrashy melodic riffs. Singer sounds like a more Jeff Walkery version of Tomas Lindberg. The music is very At the gatsey. More with each passing riff in fact. Ok, it just got a little Dissectiony. This is the sort of Metal that sounds great with ugly/shitty demo production, but gets worse as the production improves. The quality of this recording isn't bad for a demo. Drum snare is nice and "popcorny." Some good Euro Swedo guitar work. There's just a little too much "try to sound like this and that Swedish band" goin on. But this band could easily evolve into something great if they stick with it and perhaps find a more original sound. Singer is real Jeff Walkery, did I say that? He's also very Jon Nodveidty. Anyways, it is refreshing to hear something more musical than the typical krap thrown my way.

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