Thursday, March 24, 2011

Debut full length from Orchid

Orchid "Capricorn"
Local Stoner Rock/Doom band's debut full length on Europe's "Church Within" Records. First off, the packaging on this thing is striking and monstrous!
Nice hard-bound fold out CD digi jacket with some cool bull head painting on the front which reminds me a bit of Monstermagnet's "Bull-god." Booklet is like 15 fukking pages! Anyhow, the music is the lo-fi old school NWOBHM sort of production. Very garage like and extremely bluesy. Witchfinder general anyone? But what sets this band apart is the vocals, which thankfully are not an Ozzy, Wino, or Scott Reagers clone. kinda like 70s Alice Cooper meets Blackie Lawless. Nice to hear a local
band doing something more classic rock and roll sounding without all the art-noise crap that is so trendy these days.

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